Saturday, 19 December 2015

Horn of Plenty Framed

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you guys are having a good holiday season so far.

I went by Hobby Lobby and picked up my Horn of Plenty design this morning.

With the help of the framer, I chose a frame and an inner beaded wood edge. I wanted to frame it like the model in the magazine with just a frame instead of a mat board and frame.

I think they did a lovely job on the framing. I can't wait to give it to my aunt for Christmas!!

Thanks to everyone who left such lovely and motivating comments while I was stitching on this pattern. It really kept me stitching!!!



  1. Oh that is beautiful. I do like a stitchery project without matting. I am sure your aunt will love it.

  2. It's just perfect! Your stitching is beautiful and the beaded frame compliments it perfectly.
    Your aunt is going to be thrilled:)

  3. congratulations Rachel your finished Horn is just beautiful - your Aunt is one lucky lady!

  4. You chose a great frame for this wonderful piece, Rachel. It looks absolutely beautiful.