Friday, 23 September 2016

Finally, a Friday Frolic post from moi!

So sorry, all of my dear Fellow Frolickers, I have not posted on this blog since August 14 - how appalling of me!

It is not that I have not stitched on a Friday night since then - I am pretty sure that I have almost every Friday, except for the few where we have gone out.  It is just that each weekend and then the following week would seem to fly by and before I knew it, it was too late to post a FF update, as the next Friday Frolic was underway - lol!

Anyway, enough excuses, back on track today.  Here is what I stitched on yesterday...

Bad Halloween Fairy

My own design using motifs and alphabet from the book underneath, Point de croix couleurs.  This is for the Bad Fairy theme for this month for the Halloween Ornie SAL

Also, a few weeks ago, for FF, I picked up a very old Just Nan WIP, Morning Song.



And another time, I did a bit more on Too Cold to go out, I can tell you, stitching "Furio" on the right, is quite tricky.

So, that's me, more or less up to date with the Friday Frolics.

hugs, Kaye

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Thirty-Eighth Frolic of the Year

It was IHSW starting last Friday, and as is traditional I went out for a rare day out and didn't stitch much on the Saturday!  I was also rather busy with my Big Birthday Blog Hop.  Follow the link and check that out if you haven't already done so.

On Friday I continued working on the Sugar Skulls which will be for my niece and her fiance:

These are from Brooke's Books and are available from her Etsy store.

Having finished Ghostly Mandala on the Thursday I continued with a new evening piece - Potions and Brews by Cherished Stitches from the most recent JCS Hallowe'en Special:

stitched on 28 count Moondust from Crafty Kitten

I am only stitching the top part of this design on this fabric, it's coming up huge as it was charted for 36 count.  I don't have enough Moondust for the whole piece and it's lighter than I want anyway.  This is just an excuse to try out some different shades of black and dark grey!

I did finish another Hallowe'en Cube on the Sunday, the one with the purple fabric:

I'm using the same backing fabric in three different colours for these cubes.

Serendipitous Jo's Thirty-Seventh Frolic of the Year

The second Friday of each month is Christmas stitching and this year I'm stitching the Christmas Cubes by The Primitive Hare.  This week was the turn of "I":

and here are the seven I have stitched so far:

And I managed to finish another of her Hallowe'en Cubes:

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Getting ready for Halloween:)

Hello Frolicers!

After a stitching break over the summer, I have now found my needle and aida fabric again and decided to join in the fun yesterday. Even though I didn't stitch much in the last couple of months, I still used my birthday money to buy some PS charts since I knew I'd like to stitch more Prairie Schooler once the mojo came back:)

So yesterday I stitched on Cats, Bats & Witches by PS. This is where I was when I picked it up...

...and this is how far I got:

I actually made a counting error in one of the squares, but instead of lots of frogging I decided to adjust the chart. I'm confident that the mistake is almost impossible to spot:) I'm having soo much fun stitching this Halloween chart that I hope I can find the money to send for some more charts with witches and bats from Prairie Schooler whilst they are still available in the online stores...

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Thirty-Sixth Frolic of the Year

This year I have been stitching a Just Nan band sampler called Counting Bats for our Hallowe'en Ornie SAL blog.  Each band has matched the monthly theme, until this month which is Bad Fairies.   I have reached the final band which features some wings.  They may be bat wings, they may be spooky fairy wings but I doubt it!

stitched on 32 count lilac linen

And here is the finished piece:

It's very hard to get a good photo of it because it's so long and thin!  But you've seen all the individual bands throughout the year, so look back for close-ups.

Just in case the jury decide those aren't bad fairy wings, I thought I ought to have a back-up plan.  I looked everywhere for Bad Fairies and mostly found full-coverage pieces or Nora Corbett's Trick or Treat Fairy (which I have in my stash).  I wanted something little.  I found some nice Maleficent designs in that pixel style but I'm not really a Disney person.

So I decided to adapt an existing fairy by Lucie Heaton and make her Bad!

That's actually the same fabric as Counting Bats is stitched on but it looks more blue here.

Here's the original design so you can see the changes:

I used the silks from Counting Bats for her dress, tights, shoes, hair and hat.  DMC for her bat wings and Kreinik for her wand.  I sketched her on graph paper to get the wings right.

I didn't finish a cube this week.  Hubby shut himself in the living room to watch the Grand Prix in peace and my stuff was all in there!  I'll have to double-up another week.