Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Forty-Third Frolic of the Year

Last Friday was IHSW but since I finished Elizabeth Shephard I don't have a specific project for the third weekend, I just stitch whatever I've been working on that week.

Which was Byzantine Ornament 3 by Teresa Wentzler:

stitched on 28 count Burgundy linen

I also continued the Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls by Just Nan:

stitched on 28 count lilac linen

And started finishing my Christmas Cubes by Primitive Hare!  One a week until Christmas:

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Forty-Second Frolic of the Year

Because I made a little error in counting my Fridays I am treating this one as the Fifth Friday in September and stitching a Teresa Wentzler Ornament!

stitched on 28 count Burgundy linen

I also completed my evening project on Friday, this has been the Hallowe'en Town by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery:

stitched on 28 count Moondust by Crafty Kitten

And the final Hallowe'en Cube!  yay!

Serendipitous Jo's Forty-First Frolic of the Year

Thanks to last week's mix-up this was actually the First Friday in October and should have been Spooky Stitching but instead I made a start on my Second Friday stitching which is Christmas themed.

Here is the next block in the Primitive Hare's Christmas Cubes series:

stitched on 35 count Country Mocha linen

I also complete another Hallowe'en Cube finish on Sunday:

Only one more to go!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Shock, Horror....

Please don't faint with shock...

but I have finally remembered to not only take a before and after photo on Friday night... but I have even managed to get my behind into gear and post my FF post!!

I won't look to see when I last posted on the FF blog as it will be way to embarrassing to mention! hanging my head in shame ;o(

So onto to my Friday night stitching....

One of my October starts is the "Merry Christmas 2015" sampler from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Christmas edition.  The designer of this piece is "From the Heart ~ NeedleArt by Wendy".

I am stitching this on a very pale (washed out) pink piece of fabric (Fairy Tales) from Colour Cascades Fabrics.  I am not using the recommended threads - I have switched them all out to what I had in my stash!  The letters are Dinky Dyes (Pilbara), the tree is Dragon Floss (Stem Green)  and the star and tree trunk are DMC colours similar to what was charted.

So that was my Friday Night Frolic... no promises as to when I will remember to post again, so I will just say til next time... Happy Stitching and Frolicing!

Hugs xx

Friday, 14 October 2016

Finally I have something to FROLIC about

Thanks to Kaye for hosting this wonderful blog and that I finally have something to post.  This week I picked up a piece I started sometime last year and I am almost finished with it.  It is a little piece called "Good Tidings" is from Little House Needleworks.  I only need to stitch the hands and that should get done tonight.  Woohoo, another "fait accompli" to add to my list.

Once it is completely finished I will post on my blog, Tea-n-Stitches.  Stop by to see what else I have been stitching.



Kaisievic_ Friday 14th update...

Woo hoo!  Much better news on the Friday Frolicking front this week.  As per our very loose rules, I picked up a WIP at random from my Girl's Nest (not hard to do as I am trying to organise everything at the moment, so I keep stumbling over WIPs and UFOs - I have given up counting them - lol!)

Anyway, this week I picked up a Eudora Design Christmas piece....

Share the Spirit 
28 ct green linen (it is actually a much prettier green than the camera shows)
Floss: Victoria Motto Shoppe Christmas Green and Christmas Red

For FF, I stitched the "C" on Christmas, the word "the" and half the holly border at the bottom.  So, I still need to stitch the words "Share" and "Spirit" and a holly border and a half.  I also reversed the colours, as the writing was meant to be green and the border to be a red ribbon with green berries(?????) - I think that my way is much better.

I had hoped to maybe finish it this weekend, however, today (Saturday) is going to be a busy day as I doing a dumpling making class with some girlfriends during the day and then going to a David Bowie tribute concert at Hamer Hall with some other friends tonight, plus I really want to get some more blog posting and reading done this morning.  But maybe tomorrow?

... and to finish on a less happy note, sorry! I think that I have just broken the little toe on my right foot.  All I was doing was stumbling out of my bedroom, half asleep, to go feed the cats and let them outside, when I misjudged the doorway and hit my little toe on the doorjamb - ouch!  It is hurting a lot and I am hobbling around - looks like I might be going out today/tonight with one ugg slipper on, oh such sartorial splendour - lol!

Anyway, enough rambling, I hope that you had a great FF last night,

hugs, Kaye

Thursday, 13 October 2016

October 7th Frolicking.....

.... was a bit of a bust!  That was the day I was travelling back to Melbourne from Roma in the afternoon and I had had big plans for getting lots of stitching done on the two flights.  However, the best laid plans of mice and men.... I was actually feeling so, so unwell (a combination of an allergy attack and exhaustion, I think) that I only managed twenty minutes stitching on Jenny Bean before giving into the urge to sleep on the plane.

In fact, I was so unwell, that as I was disembarking from the plane, the QANTAS pilot kindly asked me if I was all right, boy, I must have looked crook - lol!

Anyway, here is my little bit of progress on Jenny Bean for Friday Frolics....

I hope to be a bit more productive today for Friday Frolics....

hugs, Kaye

P.S. I was so exhausted that I could barely get out of bed on Saturday, although I did manage to get more stitching done - lol!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Fortieth Frolic of the Year

Well, I messed up my own rotation this month!  Because I was thinking about the Alphabet Club post on Saturday the 1st October, I completely forgot that Friday 30th September was a Fifth Friday and I should have been stitching another Teresa Wentzler Byzantine Ornament.

Instead I started a Hallowe'en piece thinking it was the First Friday.  Never mind, we'll have five Fridays in October instead!

Here's how I got on with the new start, pictured with my ORTs jar:

The design is another Just Nan; Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls, stitched on 28 count lilac linen.

On Sunday I completed another cube!  They no longer fit in the sideboard in the kitchen but have moved into the living room:

I've tipped the top ones back so you can see the different coloured fabrics I have used for each cube.  It's the same design in orange, purple and black.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Thirty-Ninth Frolic of the Year

As the date of the pre-wedding party was looming I decided to Focus on a Finish with the Sugar Skulls the 39th weekend.  There is a lot more stitching in these than you might think!  Using three strands on perforated paper takes more time too.

Here's how they finished the weekend:

I also made another Hallowe'en Cube: