Sunday, 7 August 2016

Flashin Scissors' (6)

Hello my friends!

A brief recap for anyone who hasn't seen my stitching of the Cocoa Sampler previously. The pattern, by Sue Cook, appeared in The World of Cross Stitching magazine in 2004. I eagerly started stitching as soon as I discovered it, but put it away some years ago as I never seemed to have the time for stitching at home and it was too big to stitch while travelling. I only started again when I discovered the cross stitch blogging community.

I've stitched lots of other smaller cross stitch patterns in between times, however, until now I didn't have the enthusiasm to continue, but with the encouragement I've received from  my bloggy friends, in their kind comments, I am now determined to finish as soon as I can, as its been hanging around far too long, and I'd like to enjoy seeing it displayed on one of our walls!

Cocoa Sampler by Sue Cook
Last time

During the last week I worked on the heading, stitching more of the chequerboard, the framework and some of the centre, although last Friday I was only able to stitch the stepped grey squares in the centre of the heading. Then horror of horrors .....  I found I had run out of the grey I was using in the heading! Not only that, I think I might have used dark grey instead of light in the stepped arch. Arrgh!!!

Not to worry though ... DH suggested we took a trip to a local sewing store! Problem solved?????? No way!! Turns out I wasn't using the colours stipulated on the pattern, as I had originally substituted other threads from my stash rather than buying new ones, so, although this week I bought 2 skeins of the stipulated greys and one close colour ... just in case .... not one of them is right!! Darn it! So all stitching is on hold while I search my cupboards to see if I have any other greys hidden away with samplers that I'm not going to stitch!

Cocoa Sampler by Sue Cook
Now you can see little lamby's face, stitched last week.

Afraid I didn't manage to stitch this week, as this Friday I was busy "with the frog" and those grey stitches!


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I'm sure if you are reading this you be visiting, if not joining in with,  Jo's "Tenuous Shoehorn blog party"! A week long party, starting Monday 8th August, where the theme is, .... My Summer Holiday ... and, guess what.... we link our Summer stitching posts! For more detail visit Jo's blog, Serendipitous Stitching.

I'm off to write mine now!!!!!!

Barbara xx


Kaisievic said...

Oh no! How annoying for you but I am sure that you will manage to find the right threads, somehow - best of luck! Just writing my Summertime post now. xxx

Khristine Doiron said...

It looks great!! I hope you are able to find some grey thread that works!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for the ad!
How frustrating about the grey, I hope you can find a solution. If this is a very old piece it is possible the dyelots have changed over the years. I have two different DMC greys where the new skeins are quite different to the older skeins.

Stitching Noni said...

I know from experience that the DMC greys have changed (think it was 415 - the new and old are completely different!) I hope that you manage to find a work around :o)
Hugs xx