Friday, 27 December 2019

Nearly a New Year.....

..... so I thought that I should make at least one post here for 2019!  Yes, folks, it has been a year and four days since I lasted posted on here - where did that year go?

Well, we moved into the new house (Back House - part one of the Two House project) and we have been here a year (if any of you follow me on IG - Kaisievic - or FB - Kaye De Petro - you will have seen lots of pics of the house over the past year).  In a few weeks, the front house will be demolished and we start on building House 2 - the Front House - yikes!  So, another year that will be very busy.

Anyway, enough of that - let's be frank - we are all here for the stitching - lol!

So, as I think that my blogging mojo may have returned - yay! Thanks to a push from my dear friend, Jo from Serendipitous Stitching, I felt the need to start my stitching regimes again, starting with my Friday Frolics. This is a very loose SAL, whereby I and any other member, will randomly pull out a WIP/UFO on a Friday and stitch on it.

As 2019 has been a year of stitching Christmas smalls - you can see all my Christmas stitching on my main blog, Kitten Stitching - I thought that I would work on this WIP - "Snowflake Serenade" by CCN.  This is where I was up to before yesterday (Friday):

... and this is my progress - I am getting close to a finish!

Anyway, I hope to stay more focused this year and post regularly on all my stitching blogs (or at least a few of them).



FlashinScissors said...

Very pretty stitching Kaye!
Hope to see more of your stitching this year.
I have a few “new” kits to stitch, so maybe I’ll manage to joinyou here too!
Happy New Year!
Barbara xx

Khristine Doiron said...

Good to hear from you! My blogging has been pretty non existent lately. Once my phone stopped "talking" to my old laptop it got to be way too much work. I wish Blogger had a good Iphone app. Oh well a girl can dream :) Hope you had a lovely holiday and good luck with the new build!