Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Shy Fairy Embroidery and Potions, Brews, and Spells

Hi, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the week so far. In Alabama, at least in the Mobile and Baldwin counties, we are enjoying a break from work for Mardi Gras. I have been crocheting and stitching on my break :)

I started my Shy Fairy embroidery project last Friday as my Frolicking Friday project. The kit came with some lovely soft DMC colors. Last Friday I was able to finish stitching the little fairy.

Yesterday was my 'Frolicking Friday' since I wanted a full day of stitching on my day off instead of my normal Friday of maybe two hours of stitching total.

I was able to finish up my Shy Fairy embroidery. She turned out quite cute :) I need to go by the craft store and buy a wooden hoop to display her in.

I'm sorely tempted to buy the other kits by Tamar Nahir-Yanai, but I know I have some small cross stitch patterns that I could kit up to work on when I can't see to work on my main WIP, Potions, Brews, and Spells.

After finishing up my Shy Fairy embroidery project, I stitched a bit on Potions, Brews, and Spells. I finished another row of the letters, stitched up a row of specialty stitches, and started on the motif around the word 'Halloween'.

I tried to practice the queen stitch to no avail. I just can't wrap my brain around it for some reason. It just looks wonky no matter how many times I stitch it.

So my plan is leave that stitch alone until the end......if I still can't get it, I'll just think of some other stitch to put in its place.

I hope everyone is having a good time Frolicking this week on their projects :)

Until next time ^____^


Kaisievic said...

Shy fairy is so pretty - a great FF post.

FlashinScissors said...

A lovely finish, Rachel!
Great progress on Potions, Brews and Spells.
Nice Frolick!
Barbara x

Khristine Doiron said...

I love your little fairy! And Potions looks great too. I hope you are able to make those Queen stitches work for you :)

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely little fairy, and a great finish for you, Rachel.
The Potions project also shows nice progress.