Friday, 3 February 2017

My Fifth Frolic for 2017...

Hmmm! Not as much progress as I would have liked yesterday, as TraderVic and I went to a Twilight concert at the Zoo to see the Hoo Doo Gurus, a band from the '80s.

It was a perfect evening for sitting listening to fun music, with good friends and a glass of prosecco in hand!

As the evening drew in, a colony of bats flew overhead - rather spooky!

(Sorry for the poor quality of the video - it is better if you enlarge it)

Anyway, here is my Friday Frolic piece.... 

The Village Alphabet by Cross My Heart Inc.

I last posted about this on my main blog, Kitten Stitching in June last year, when the pattern first arrived from an online needlework shop.

 Cross Stitch Stash, who specialise in Vintage, Out of Print and Hard to Find charts.

So, this is where I was up to ....

... and my progress after some Friday afternoon stitching...

Any stitching is good stitching, I say, and I am planning on stitching some more on this piece over the weekend.

Have a great stitching weekend, everyone,

hugs, Kaye


  1. It looks great and I agree any stitching is good stitching :) Love the bat video!

  2. What a great evening! Glad you found a pattern you were looking for from that website :)

  3. I bet the Hoo Doo's put on a great fun show! Love your Friday stitching :)

  4. I wasn't able to follow your link to the Hoo Doo's, and the video link wasn't there on my IPad or Laptop unfortunately. Sounds like you had a great time!
    It's good you were able to find the pattern you wanted ..... handy website to know!
    Barbara x

  5. Great website and meanwhile I stored the link. You never know when you need some old patterns :)