Thursday, 23 March 2017

My Tenth Frolic for 2017....

..... ooops, late again!  And here it is Frolic day again Downunder but I am still frolicking about last week - lol!

So, let's get on with it!

I was a bit of a naughty girl, as, instead of picking up a WIP or UFO, you guessed it!  I started something new!!!!!!

Nutcracker Sampler....

A gorgeous nutcracker Christmas design, kindly gifted to me by the delightful Melinda from Family Business.

It is a really sweet design from an old magazine and features five different nutcrackers standing to attention all in a row, with an alphabet above and surrounded by a candy cane and heart border - just adorable - all in time-honoured Christmas colours.

Thank you so much, dear Melinda.

So, a quick post, as I promised, and now I am off to be a good girl and find a languishing WIP/UFO to work on today.

hugs, Kaye


  1. Oh great, you are stitching the nutcrackers, too. I loved to see them on Melinda's blog, they look fantastic. Very curious to see what you will dig out for today.

  2. I love the reds in this!! Can't wait to see more of it!

  3. Loving your Christmas themed stitching so far :) Have a great weekend of crafting!

  4. Great Christmas stitching! Can't wait to see more!
    Wondering what you stitched last night....
    Barbara x