Saturday, 21 April 2018

An "accidental" Happy Dance and checking the Temperature....

I started my Friday Frolics this week wrestling Furio for control of my stitching - lol!  He really is my stitching cat!

I am pleased to say that I won the tussle (yay! I could beat a cat a 100 times smaller than me - lol!) and managed a finish before my Friday morning coffee group.

Sorry, I did iron it but it still looks a little crumpled!  I made a few changes to the original  - see below - I hope that you like them.

Then it was onto my Temperature SAL.....



Pretty happy, quite a bit achieved on this SAL piece.

Of course, all of this qualifies for FNSI hosted by the wonderful Wendy.  

This is a virtual Sew-In held on the third Friday of every month.  If you want to see what all the other FNSIers got up to this month you can find out here.

What did you stitch on for Friday Frolics this week?


P.S. I am having ANOTHER Girl's Nest Giveaway (#6) on my main blog, Kitten Stitching, click on the pic below if you would like to enter.  Closes May 31st.


  1. Congrats on the pretty finish Kaye.


  2. Congrats on the lovely finish, Kaye! Sweet of Furio ..... helping you with your stitching!
    Love your temperature stitching ..... have you posted about it previously? Are you using a pattern?
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  3. Very pretty finish - I really like the changes you made to the design! Cats and stitching - I have so much cat hair (accidentally) stitched into Jane Turner that I think I ought to give the girls a credit at the finish, LOL!

  4. Congrats on your finish! It is very pretty! And the Temperature SAL looks great!

  5. That's a nice little finish, Kaye. And it looks great with the colours you chose.
    These temperature projects are some amazing pieces. I have seen embroidered and quilted temperature pieces. So very interesting.

  6. The temp SAL is so pretty.