Friday, 13 April 2018

Working on my Village....

This week for Friday Frolics I picked up my The Village Alphabet by Cross My Heart Inc.  I was inspired to purchase the design after seeing the gorgeous work of my dear friend and fellow Frolicker - Brigitte -  a couple of years ago. If you follow the link you will see that she is just a few letters ahead of me (fifteen to be exact as I am yet to finish a letter!).

The last time I stitched on this was February last year ... and here is where I left it.

.... and here is my progress after an evening of stitching.....

I must say that stitching the brickwork is time consuming and requires quite a deal of concentration and the wielding of a highlighter on the pattern but it the effect is definitely worth it.

.... and hopefully, one day it will look like this.....

I plan to stitch on it some more this afternoon, so maybe there will be an "L" Happy Dance sometime in my near future?????



  1. Oh my, Kaye, so great to see the Village pulled out again. These little houses are so much fun to stitch and I'm sure your L house will soon be finished.

  2. Oh, it's fancy brickwork! When I looked at your starting point picture, it looked a bit like a gazebo-thing with a drift of fall leaves all around, but wow, all those color changes make for a beautiful brick house!

  3. It looks so good!! Bricks are a challenge to stitch aren't they? You made a great job of them though :)

  4. I'm desperate to buy a copy. Would you part with the leaflet please?

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  6. You're doing it beautifully - i also have the ocean. Butterflies secret gardens and exti birds