Friday, 11 March 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Tenth Frolic of the Year

Because of one of my colleagues swanning off to New York on holiday last week I had to work a number of full days, 9 until 5.30 which severely limits my stitching time!

However, I do get a proper lunch break when I work a full day instead of only 20 minutes to grab a coffee and a sandwich.  Which means stitching time!

Last Friday I took a new start - Lizzie*Kate's Sampling Easter with me and then in the evening I worked on Just Nan's Counting Bats because it was the First Friday of the month.

I didn't want to take Bats into work just in case I lost it because that project contains all the silks whereas L*K is just scraps and one overdyed.  Good decision as it turned out; I left the project bag in the staff room at work on Saturday!

Two very different projects.  The JN is stitched on 32 count lilac linen using silks with some over stitching (which I love).  The L*K is stitched on 14 count aida.  I KNOW!  Aida!  The thing was, I wanted a nice bright yellow and didn't have any evenweave or linen of any shade of yellow other than pale lemon.  It's stiff and hard but the colour redeems it.

I'm using a Jodyri thread called Crystal Seas for the letters and random threads from my scraps bags for the motifs.

If you like the Easter design, make sure you take part in my Easter Blog Hop because the chart will be the prize.  And a piece of the aida, have to use it up somehow!

It is Friday again today, Second Friday which means Primitive Hare Christmas Cubes come out to play.  Post to follow. 


Rachel said...

We only get thirty minutes for lunch despite working a full day. I've never had a job that gave me an hour lunch. Lol

I love your progress on the Just Nan and tge cute Lizzie Kate design :)

I wish my local Hobby Lobby had different colors of linen like the Aida ones...sigh...

Can't wait to see your Christmas stitching :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The shop is open from 9 until 5.30 (8.5 hours) so by giving us an hour for lunch they only have to pay us for 7.5 hours. Because there are only two staff we stay on the premises so the other one can call us out if they get a queue!

Brigitte said...

Two really different projects but that makes it more interesting to stitch on them, doesn't it? I occasionally stitch on Aida, too, but very rarely. That yellow colour is really beautiful.