Sunday, 20 March 2016

Serendipitous Jo's Twelfth Frolic of the Year

The Third Friday of the month heralds the start of IHSW - International Hermit & Stitch Weekend hosted by Joysze of Random Ramblings.  Here are the guidelines for IHSW and here is March's sign-up page.  You can also copy Hermie the crab onto your blog to show everyone you have joined in.

My IHSW has been The Scarlet Letter's Elizabeth Shephard for some time now.  This month I focused on one motif and added some of the red touches to the rest of the design:

stitched on 30 count linen using AVAS silks

The centre part of this design is stitched in a dark green silk with the outer motifs done in brown.  I wonder if Elizbeth ran out of green and switched to the brown or if it was a deliberate choice.  She obviously did not have much of the red because she used it very sparingly.


Brigitte said...

This is such a lovely project, Jo. And it's certainly fun to stitch it with silks. Nice progress.

Kaisievic said...

Coming along beautifully, Jo and isn't it wonderful to be able to wonder about the stitcher and have that link with the past?

FlashinScissors said...

A pretty subject, Jo, these old samplers ... just shows they must really have been treasured, but, there again I imagine they must mostly have been stitched by well to do ladies to have survived the years!
Barbara xx

Stitching Noni said...

Lovely stitching. Interesting that there isn't a lot of red...
Hugs xx