Monday, 3 April 2017

Barbara from The Flashing Scissors 2017 #3

Hello Frolickers!

A couple of Fridays ago I was searching through my folders of cross stitch stuff, and rediscovered this teeny tiny pattern ....

Honey Bee Cross Stitching from Cross Stitcher 1998
"Honey Bee"
..... a freebie from Cross Stitcher, in 1998!

Back in '98 I had stitched the lower row only, and decided it was too fiddly as it is 16 hpi .... I usually stitch on 14 hpi. 

Anyway, that was w-a-a-a-y before I discovered our wonderful online cross stitching community, and, as so many of my cross stitch friends stitch on very high count fabrics I thought I ought to persevere with this particular teeny tiny16 count! It could also count towards Kerry's Theme-Tas-Stitch 2017 - "March Madness"! (If you haven't read about "March Madness" you can find out more in my post HERE)

While we were out travelling on the train on Friday I added the next couple of rows, but most of the hive was stitched on Saturday, at snatched minutes during the day and evening!

Honey Bee and Stitch by Stitch
Bee Happy and my latest new start - "Stitch by Stitch"
Oh yes, last week ..... as it was still March, just!! .... I was also tempted to start another project, but this had to be stitched at home as it was rather complicated sorting all the threads .... and this was again due to Kerry's March Madness ..... (another possible reason for starting this one could well be the fact there are  scissors in the picture .... and my blog name is ????? "The Flashing Scissors" !!!)

Stitch by Stitch
"Stitch By Stitch"
and it could also count as part of "Gifted Gorgeousness" as it was part of the Giveaway I received from Jacquie Morris last year!

Today I've picked up an old project for April's Theme-Tas-Stitch ("stitch on something water related") and I intend to carry on with this for next Friday's Frolick, so hopefully I'll have photos to share again next week.

Happy Stitching everyone!!!

Barbara x


  1. Yay that you decided to continue with the bee project. It's cute. The Anchor sampler is lovely too. Can't wait to see some progress on that.

  2. Great progress! Lol I love that you chose a project because of the scissors!

  3. That little beehive is so sweet! And I love your new start, the colors in it are so pretty :)

  4. I love beehives and yours is looking great, Barbara. Thanks for frolicking this week.

  5. Stitch by Stitch is a great design, Barbara. And I always love to see a bee theme.