Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Eleventh Frolic for 2017...

Oh dear, I am over a week late with my Eleventh Frolic and two days late for my Twelfth!  Oh well, you will get two post today! lol!

So, here goes on my Eleventh Frolic.....  Lizzie Kate's A Very Scary SAL, which I last posted about sometime in 2012!

Here is where I was up to.....

... and just a little bit of progress this time around.  I actually didn't get as much stitched as I would have liked as all of the specialty threads for this design seem to have migrated (or runaway from neglect) to other projects, so I have re-ordered them from my LNS, Lazy Daisy.

I will be quite excited to get them and get back into stitching on this design as I have nearly finished Part Two and there is only one more part after that.

hugs, Kaye

P.S. My Twelfth Frolic will be posted very soon, so please come back for a squiz!


Rachel said...

Halloween in Spring! Fantastic :)

Lol I can imagine your threads flying off to other projects!!

Mini said...

That's good progress.

FlashinScissors said...

It's new to me, Kaye! Great project! Very good progress!
I have been stitching, just need to post about it!
Barbara x

Khristine Doiron said...

I do love this pattern. Looking forward to seeing more progress on it :)

Brigitte said...

I don't mind you being late with your Frolic posts. You are always better than I am - I usually forget to take a picture and then I stitch on and on and can't show what I stitched on Friday, lol.
This is a great Halloween pattern and you made some nice progress on it.