Friday, 9 March 2018

A rather sad Secret Santa....

Hmm! Not a lot of progress on Secret Santa last night.  As I said last post - I had not had the opportunity to touch needle to fabric until well after dinner but here goes anyway...


Secret Santa
Lavender & Lace
Fabric: 28 ct Dirty Linen (I think)
Suggested Floss (I think)


Here's hoping that you all had more success than I did last night....



  1. Looks like great progress to me! I love those reds, very pretty!
    Nothing to share here at the moment. I was stitching last night but it was a new project so I’m making tonight my “Friday night” to work on an old one from the “Dreaded Cupboard”.
    Barbara xx

  2. Progress is progress! I too love those reds! So very pretty!

  3. Just 1 stitch is progress, its a lovely design.

  4. I think that's great progress - at least more than I managed last Friday, which was nearly nothing because we had to prepare for our little trip over the weekend. So I decided to continue stitching on my Friday Frolics piece today and send a picture tomorrow. It never seems to be Friday Frolics for me, lol.

  5. What a pretty project you have going, Kaye! I just love the detail in this design :)