Thursday, 1 March 2018

I think....

... that it will be another trilogy of stitching again this Friday and maybe, a Happy Dance or two, if I am lucky!

So, I went to my WIP pile and pulled out this box...

.... opened the lid and found this inside ....

JBW Designs Alphabet Cat, personalised to look like Furio ....

... with only the "F", "U", "R" and "O" to go!  This should be a speedy run to that Happy Dance!

Inside I also found the fabric and thread to stitch an Alphabet Milo! So, I figure just like Proverbi 3 last week, that counts as a WIP as well!


I am also planning to put some more love into this sweet freebie from The Primitive Hare... "Witch's Kitchen".

So, lots of Frolicking for me today, fingers crossed!



  1. And more delightful kitty stitches (yay!) Love the JBW cat and how you've personalized. {Note to self: get this chart!}

  2. Lovely little cat stitching.

  3. I love the JBW cat! I’ve not used random threads yet and they are a bit of a mystery to me, did you just use the thread as it comes ? Good luck with the Milo piece!
    Love the colours you used for the Witch’s kitchen!
    xx Barbara

  4. Oh Kaye, the kitten stitch is so pretty and quite perfect. Witch's kitchen looks really interesting and fun. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  5. Love the kitty stitch!!! How clever to make them look like your own cats!!!

  6. Great projects!! I love how you picked threads that match your kittys! Great idea :)

  7. Witch's Kitchen is a lovely freebie and so much fun to stitch. I stitched it several years ago when I was in a Halloween stitching frenzy which rarely ever happens here, lol.