Wednesday, 14 October 2015

I'm behind ...

Hello friends,

I'm behind with everything at the moment but am slowly catching up on things. And befor the next Friday rolls on I want to show my efforts from the last two weekends.

Last Friday I pulled out Composition d'autumne by Perette Samouiloff which I started about a year ago. I have added two more motives. Before it was just the little birdies in the branch

and now it's the leaves and the little bunny that were added.

The weekend before last I pulled out my Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and finished house #5 that I had started a week before. I'm so glad that it's done, you know how it is with houses - they sometimes are very boring to stitch but look gorgeous when done.

I still don't know what I will stitch on next Friday. But I'm looking forward to it.



  1. Gorgeous stitching Brigitte! These are both so different but lovely. I don't like stitching houses but you're right they do look nice.

  2. Two gorgeous Frolic pieces, Brigitte, I can't wait to see this Friday's piece.

  3. Lovely bunny! And yes, the interior stitches on house patterns do require forbearance to get through :)

    Good job!

  4. Beautiful stitching, love your choices.


  5. Two beautiful designs and great progress on each one. Houses are not always exciting while you stitch them but they do look good.

  6. I love your two Frolic pieces... especially the Autumn one. Cute bunny!
    Hugs xx