Sunday, 11 October 2015

MS Christmas Mouse

Sorry.... bit late posting my Friday Frolics stitching, but better late than never!

On Friday night I decided to stitch on a small as I was feeling completely cream crackered after a very looonnngg week at work and I didn't want to stitch on something that I needed to think about (and stuff up) and then frog it all out next time I picked it up!!!

So I picked up this cute little Christmas mouse and nearly finished him on Friday... I started this way back in January and he hasn't had much love since then so he was the perfect candidate for a Friday night.

Before FF stitching:
Christmas Mouse
Designer: Margaret Sherry
and after a couple of Friday night wines he looked like this:

And guess what.... I kept on stitching on him on Saturday afternoon and now this little mouse is finished!  Link to my blog post is here if you would like to see him all backstitched and waiting for his friends to be done!

Catch you all next week!
Hugs, Noni xx


  1. Very cute! I hate real mice. But have a mouse holding a strawberry that I painted yrs ago by my kitchen sink. She needs to be touched up as the clear coat has worn off over the yrs. I have wood counters/benches.

  2. Well done - those mice look like just the thing after a tough work week!

  3. Cute!!! The second mouse on your blog looks adorable too along with the kitty design. Small pieces are great to past the time when you don't want to get bogged down with a large bit of stitching :)

  4. So sweet, this little mouse. It looks gorgeous with its little Santa hat on.

  5. Fantastic frolicking, Noni - he is so cute!