Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Serendipitous Jo's Frolic With Tricky Trixie

I picked up Brooke's Book's Trixie the Hallowe'en Witch for my Friday Frolic and didn't do too well.  I've done all the DMC and now have the Kreinik.  I didn't have any of the charted Kreinik so I took the time to convert them to DMC metallics which I have quite a collection.  The Fuchsia looks great in her eye mask but then I started on the black in her hair.  It just doesn't cover well or look sparkly at all.  So I guess I have to bite the bullet and buy the Kreinik.  I will probably try the other colours first in case I need to order those too.

I'm stitching her on 28 count tan evenweave rather than the perforated paper because money.  But I will stitch the accessories on the paper so they won't be floppy or fray when I cut them out to attach them.  Good compromise.  I have the whole collection of ten witches so the paper can be used for them all over time.


Brigitte said...

She is one of the friendly little witches that I love a lot.

diamondc said...

She is just so cute, I have so many Brook's Book's patterns and really need to get them out.


Rachel said...

I've always wanted to try one of her patterns, but I am a bit hesitate to work on perforated paper....it's a tricky beast to work on.

Your progress looks great. Good luck with the metallics.

Carm said...

I've tried the PP for some Xmas ornaments yrs ago. The metallics were the tricky part. Had to be careful not to cut the paper. Loved the look when they were done.

Stitching Noni said...

What a cutie! Love the colours and I like your idea of conserving the paper by stitching the main piece on fabric. Can't wait to see more of her :o)
Hugs xx