Saturday, 3 October 2015

Re-Visiting A Neglected Project

I've finally gotten myself organised with one of my neglected projects, & spent a few hours last night working on it.
Back in 2012, I decided to make a Red Brolly Designs quilt, called 'The Polka Dot Girls Quilt'... it features a number of stitcheries, which are then pieced with fabrics to become a gorgeous finished quilt... well, I've dragged my feet on this project so badly, but I don't want to completely abandon it, despite my terribly slow progress!
During the week, I got it out yet again, & managed a little work on the block called 'Summer Stitching'... at the beginning of the night it looked like this

I was able to add her dress, apron & head scarf
Kaye, you're a clever girl, starting this blog & inspiring some of us to re-visit old projects, thanks!


  1. Very pretty. Are you, like me, wondering why we put these gorgeous projects to one side?

  2. That looks like a really great project. I hope you keep working on it now.

  3. Anthea, what a lovely design (love Red Brolly designs!) Great progress and a great idea to stitch this as your Friday night projects.... :o)

  4. This SAL is really inspiring. Already on Thursay evening I go through my WIPs and decide which one needs my attention most :)
    Nice progress on your piece.