Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Finish - Horn of Plenty!!! ~happy dance~

Good afternoon everyone!! I finished my pattern earlier today after backstitching the mums and the border tendrils. I was so happy that I whipped up some brownies. Crafting and chocolate.....sounds like a great combination.

My next project will be finishing a couple of mini pincushion jars for my friends for Christmas. I'll have to show them to you when I get them finished.

I'm hoping to get the Horn of Plenty framed soon if I can find some time to get together with my friend Kristina as she will help me choose frame/matboard colors :)

Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving holiday this week!!



  1. Great achievement, Rachel, you should be very proud of yourself! Horn of Plenty is gorgeous!

  2. I live all the work that is shown on here but I do have trouble with what all this beautiful work can be turned in to. We see the finished stitching project but not the finished gifted project. I'm after so many ideas on little gifts.....

  3. Yeah, Rachel, you did it!! This is definitely a major accomplishment and a wonderful piece.

  4. It turned out beautifully! You did a fabulous job!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you:)

  5. Fantastic finish! Love it. I haven't frolicked for a while...maybe tomorrow!

  6. Well done on a gorgeous finish :o)