Friday, 6 November 2015

Parisienne Kitty

Another Friday has been and gone.... and I even managed to get some stitches in!

The design I am going to show you today is called "ABC Chats" by Les Brodeus Parisiennes.  I am stitching the kitties for a monthly Alphabet inspired stitch along - more details on my blog - link is here....

Last night when I picked up the afghan the "C" kitty looked like this:

Then after an hour or so of stitching he looked like this:

The image below is from the  Les Brodeus Parisiennes website and shows you what they will all look like when stitched.... (Kaye, just thought you might like to be tempted again!!) :o) 

Catch you all next week..... wonder what "WIP/UFO" I will find to stitch on next Friday?

Happy Stitching and Frolicking... ♥♥♥
Hugs xx


Rachel said...

That's a lot of kittens! It looks like a cute pattern. Good luck with your stitching ;)

Brigitte said...

All these little kitties are fun to look at. And you made some nice progress on your C kittie.