Saturday, 14 January 2017

Mini's Friday Frolic Post #1 for 2017

Hello Friends,

Hope you have not forgotten me, sorry for only posting once last year. I will try to post my regularly this year.

This Friday (and Saturday) I worked on my New year New Start.Here are progress pics:
My humble start on 1st Jan 2017

Progress on Day 4
Here is how the finished piece will look like
Dimension kit-Indian Peacock
I started the kit while I was on vacation in Dubai and forgot to pack the instruction sheet in the luggage. Yesterday I read the instructions and I think I will have some some troubles with half cross stitches. We will see when I come to that part, right now I'm enjoying stitching the peach stitches.


Brigitte said...

Oh Mini, what a wonderful project you started on New Year's Day. This will be gorgeous.

Ariadne said...

This looks really beautiful.Wishing you all the best to finish it!AriadnefromGreece!

Rachel said...

That is going to look beautiful when it is finished! I've never liked half cross stitches in patterns. Good luck with those!!

Happy stitching!

Mini said...

Thank you.

Mini said...

Thank you.

Mini said...

Thank you.

Kaisievic said...

No worries, my dear, you feel free to post as few or as many times as you like! This is going to be a stunning piece to work on, have fun with the half stitches, I am sure that you will have no trouble with them.

Stitching Noni said...

What a gorgeous design! Half stitches are great but I do find that I get lost sometimes when there is a lot of them!! Good luck :o)

Mini said...

Yes, I wonder why? I had to frog a few times bcoz i had difficulty counting the half stitches.

FlashinScissors said...

Very pretty stitching, Mini!
I love the colours!
Good luck with the half stitches, but I am sure you will be fine!
Barbara x