Monday, 16 January 2017

My Second Frolic for 2017...

... sorry for being tardy with my second FF post for the year but my sisters and I have been clearing out my Dad's home (now that he is in the nursing home) and boy, is it a big job - not only physically but emotionally, too.  Thank heavens for my stitching and all of you, my dear Stitchy and Bloggy Friends, I could not do it without you all.

Anyway, as usual on Friday, I went to my Girl's Nest to find a random WIP to stitch on that day.  Well, that was the plan!

So, anyway I found this languishing WIP .... Antique Rose Sampler (a DMC kit) ... but I have found no record of when I started this or any posts on it either on this blog or on my main blog, Kitten Stitching. Oh well, at least I am blogging about it now.

As you can see, very little progress had been made, whenever it was that I did last stitch on it.

But then, much to my disappointment - not much was actually achieved on Friday night at all (and I am not sure why the fabbie is now looking green in this pic below).

So, vowing to remedy this over the weekend, by Sunday night, I am happy to say that some good progress was made....

This is what the final sampler will look like (one day!)

However, I must say, I am not thrilled with the "New Linen Thread", as advertised on the front, it is a bit like Danish Flower thread as it lack the shine of the usual DMC floss but my issue with it is that it is fraying quite easily and so is a bit tricky to work with.

Hopefully, I will get back to this sweet design one FF again, soon.

hugs, Kaye


  1. It is beautiful!! That linen thread doesn't sound like much fun though.

    1. Thanks, Khristine, and no, I am not enjoying stitching with it that much at all, unfortunately.

    2. Although, I do love the design.

  2. That is a lovely pattern. It is annoying when kits come with less than stellar quality threads. Especially when it is DMC!!!

    Can't wait to see your progress on this :)

  3. Its a lovely pattern. Never heard of Linen Thread.

  4. Oh Kaye, I'm in awe of this design. It's just gorgeous. It seems you have some hidden treasures in your girl's nest :)
    Do DMC still sell the linen thread?

  5. What a pretty design... Shame the thread is an issue - does Thread Heaven help? I have some DMC Linen Thread that was sent to me a couple of years ago but I have never used it - it does feel a bit strange...