Friday, 24 January 2020

Ebony and Ivory....

by Tempting Tangles Designs was my choice of WIP for this Friday.

This is the before photo:

I managed to stitch one new word "Frost" but without the backstitching.

... and some of the filigree, the two middle bits.

I'll add this to my rotation this week to try to get a bit more done on it.  As usual, I wonder why I put this away as the design is so gorgeous and the colours so pretty to stitch.

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Friday, 17 January 2020

When FNSI and Friday Frolics collide.... January edition

I worked on three projects last night for FNSI, two smalls and one larger.

First up is the 2005 Prairie Schooler Santa, which is the first of the yearly PS Santas for a SAL with my dear friend, Marie (we plan to stitch all of them over the next couple of years).

 FNSI Progress:

My second project in last night's rotation was Winter Wonderland by CCN.  I do love this design - it is so very pretty.


FNSI Progress:  I stitched the two doves on the bottom panel (my goal is to get the bottom panel finished by the end of this weekend for IHSW - there will be a post on this on Monday).

... and I finished the Let it Snow panel - I added extra snowflakes 'cos I liked them so much.

I also worked on this unknown piece, just for fun!


FNSI Progress:

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Friday, 3 January 2020

A Seasonal Sampling....

by Linda Meyers, was my choice for Friday Frolicking this week.  This also my first FNwF for 2020, hosted on the first Friday of every month but the lovely Cheryll of Gone Stitchin'



...and this is what it will look like once it is finished.

I do love the detail in this one, and the muted colours.

On a sadder note, I would like to ask for your prayers for those affected by the almost apocalyptic bushfires that we are currently experiencing in Australia. A number of people have lost their lives and many more have lost their homes.
Click on the two images below to read articles about the size of the bushfires and the extent of the devastation.

Many species of Australian animals are at risk due to the sheer size of the fires, including our beloved koalas:

Luckily, TraderVic and I are safe at the moment here in Eaglemont, although only three or four suburbs away a few metropolitan suburbs were at risk last weekend.

So, please send your prayers out to all those brave firefighters and to the families who have lost family members and/or their homes.