Sunday, 27 May 2018

A Loooong Friday Frolics this week...

Due to the fact that I was in Mildura for three days for work (you can catch up on all of that here (when I write that post on Kitten Stitching).  So, I started my FF early, on Wednesday whilst waiting at the airport and then stitched desultorily (I was pretty busy with work and other things whilst up there) for the next three days....


At the airport:




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Saturday, 19 May 2018

A Twofer post....

Oh dear, I forgot to post my Friday Frolics last week but the good news is that this week is a Twofer post!

Last week, I picked up this negelected WIP, Winter Wonderland from a Better Homes and Gardens mag.

This is where I was up to.... (I cannot find anywhere that I have posted about this earlier, so I am not sure when I started it).

This is where I got up to after my Friday Frolic....

 .... and then I stitched on it for three more days (Tuesday to Thursday) and managed to get heaps more done  - the roof of the house is almost finished, I have started on the stonework around the ice skating pond and stared the ice.  The gentleman skater is almost finished, too, don't you just love his checked pants?

One day, in the not too distant future, I hope, it will look like this....

I must thank my dear stitchy friend, Brigitte, for inspiring me to find this design on Ebay  - I do love it so very much.

This past Friday, I picked up a BAP, 
"Spaziergang durch unser Dorf"or "Walk through our Village" by UB Design. (Apologies to any German-speaking readers, this is the translation that Google Translate gave me).

This is where I was up to when I picked it up on Friday...

... and here is my Friday progress...  

... and this is what it will look like one day!!!!!

I do have a favour to ask of any of you who speak German.  The instructions for this design is entirely in German (which I do not know) which is fine for the cross stitch part but for the back stitch I am all at sea as to what is what!  So, my favour is this, would any of you be willing to translate the instruction page for me if I email it to you?  I would be most grateful.

Anyway, that is my Friday Frolicking for me this week and last.  What did you stitch on?


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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Another Friday, Another LHN Design!

Hello everyone! Here I am slightly late with my update from last Friday's stitching effort...

Last week I finally got around to starting Little House Needleworks "Old Glory".  This design was one of my Stitch Maynia starts, but it was mainly chosen to fit into another SAL on the Stitch Maynia group to celebrate the state of Texas.

I am stitching the design with the DMC conversion rather than the fancy floss, but that's ok because it will still be a gorgeous finish (one day!).  Fabric is 28ct Lugana "Dapple" from Picture This Plus.

I was really surprised with my progress on Friday night.... Border all done! :o)

Hugs x

Friday, 4 May 2018

Women making History....

This week I pulled out a WIP from January 2015 (the 12th to be precise), "Well Behaved Women" by Lizzie Kate.  

Now, I have absolutely no memory of ever stitching on this piece and there was only one skein of orange floss (the one used for the flower) in the project bag, so unfortunately a bit of frogging had to happen as I couldn't match the green to finish the word "History". I decided to change it up about anyway and used WDE Fire instead (different orange to the flower).  As I am going along I am actually changing a lot of the colours now as I dip into my WDW floss tin.  Quite a bit of progress has been made, as you can see.  

I hope to stitch on this a bit more today, Saturday, but who knows after that? Tomorrow is New Start Sundays and Monday is 'Merica Monday for the Americana SAL - so maybe, Tuesday?  It actually should only take a few more evenings of stitching to have a Happy Dance.



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