Sunday, 18 November 2018

Elizabethan Nosegay

Hi there, it's me ..... Barbara (from The Flashing Scissors)

Long time no see! 

Look what happened to me this week! 

I was so determined to have some stitching to show ..... 

I'd been meaning to finish this little sachet for sooo long, (actually I mentioned it "here" in July last year) and this Friday I finally set to ..... and promptly wrecked the the whole thing!!

I thought I knew what I was doing, but I must have rushed at it!

The instructions say to stitch the front and back together one square out from the outer row of cross stitches. I machine stitched around the design, on each piece - the front and the back - one square out and then cut away the outer fabric, one square away from that machine stitched row! What was I thinking of! 

When I re-read the instructions I saw I should have left a 1 cm seam! Aaaargh!

The Flashing Scissors

So, now I am very carefully hand stitching around the edge ..... and hoping I can salvage the poor little sachet somehow!

The Flashing Scissors

You would not believe the number of times I have read these instructions in the past!

Hope you are having a better stitching time than me (or should that be "I")!  Doh!

Happy Stitching!
Barbara xxx

Friday, 9 November 2018

An Australian Christmas....

So, this week in the tub of "(sometimes) No Return", during the Neverending Quest to clean out my Girl's Nest ready for the Big Move, I found my "The Twelve Days of Christmas:Australian Version. The last time I posted about this was in September, 2014

Anyhoo, this is where I found the piece yesterday, desperately languishing at the bottom of the tub.

... and this is my progress....

... and to finish, here is an Impressionist version of some roses from my garden (using the Artista Impresso app on my phone to create it).


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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Are you being Haunted??????

This week in the tub of "(sometimes) No Return", I found this cute piece, halfway finished: "Haunted" by Lizzie Kate.  (Not sure when I last stitched on this - cannot find a post about it anywhere) but anyway, here it is - back in the light of day, so to speak.

So I stitched (and frogged - boo hoo) ...

... and then frogged and stitched some more and finally had a Happy Dance!

 Thought I would just finish with some roses from my garden.


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Friday, 19 October 2018

Bah Humbug: Surprised Snowman edition

Rummaging around in my tub of (sometimes) no return, I found this cute Bah Humbug Snowman by Sue Hillis Designs, just languishing there.  So, he became my FF project for this week.  

The last time I posted about Bah Humbug designs was waaaay back in December 2014 but this snowman doesn't get a peep - poor guy!  (Oh, my goodness, doesn't time fly?????)



I wish that I could capture the colour of the fabbie better - it is a really sweet pink.

Of course, last night was Friday Night Sew In, click on the logo below to find out all about FNSI.

.... and click here, to see what the other FNSIers got up to this month.

Anyway, that is my Friday Frolics for this week - see you all next week.


Sunday, 14 October 2018

Frosty Hopes...

Last week's Friday Frolics was Frosty Hopes by Just Nan. The last time I could find a post on this was here and here.

I worked on this over the weekend as well - so quite a bit of progress was made.


Friday, 5 October 2018

Friday Night with Friends_October 2018

Last night was FNwF...

this is a virtual sew-in hosted by the lovely Cheryll from Gone Stitchin'

Despite having a very busy day yesterday, I did manage some FNwF stitching and a Happy Dance!

Christmas Goose by Stacy Nash (if you think this looks familiar, I did stitch this about five years ago - check it out here - but I love the pattern so much that I am stitching it again as I think that I gave the first one away).

Please follow this link if you want to see what the other FNwFers got up to last night.

Have a good day, everyone, it is going to be a beautiful day here in gorgeous, leafy Eaglemont.


Friday, 28 September 2018

Mind your Ps and Qs.....

or at the very least come check mine out!

So, for Friday Frolics this week, I chose to stitch on Peas and Qs by The Cricket Collection.

The last time I stitched on this piece was June last year (2017).

This is where I started yesterday.....   (the fabric is a very pretty green which is not really showing up in the photo, sorry).

... and as yesterday was a public holiday - for the AFL (Aussie Rules Football) Grand Final parade and, yes, we are so sports mad in Melbourne that we have not one but two public holidays for sporting events, the other being the Melbourne Cup in November (horse race) - that I was able to have a bit of a marathon of stitching on it, whilst I vegged out watching The Split (absolutely fabulous) and then The Making of the Mob (pretty good).

You can't see it all that clearly but I did the backstitch on the wreath as well.

This is what the finished the design will look like one day, sooner rather than later, I hope.

As this afternoon is the Grand Final (no mighty Tigers this year, though - boo hoo!), TraderVic and I will watch it this arvo - so I hope to stitch a good chunk more on it today.