Friday, 22 January 2016

A tiny bit of stitching...

Hi Everyone!

My plan was to get a lot of stitching done tonight in true Friday Frolics fashion, but unfortunately my youngest furbaby...

  ...felt a bit poorly and had me quite worried for a while, so of course I couldn't really focus much on my stitching. He finally fell asleep and seems to feel a bit better now as we are about to get ready for bed. Fingers crossed!
So, I only managed to finish this little house chart from Cross Stitcher issue 297...

Design: Maria Diaz well as make a start on another little house in the same series.

I used threads from my stash and I added beeds just because it's fun lol.
Right now I'm enjoying doing smalls and finish quickly:)



  1. Annie, I hope that your furbaby is okay. Great finish on your mini house.

  2. I hope your pup is better. Your stitching is very pretty.

  3. A lovely little house that you finished.
    I hope your little dog is fine again today.

  4. Aww!! Little puppy getting some love from his mom :)

    Can't wait to see your finishes on these little houses :)