Saturday, 6 February 2016

Crochet blanket in the making:)

Hello fellow frolickers!

For once my Friday Frolics did not include cross stitch, but instead I worked on my crochet leftover-yarn-blanket:)

I've based my blanket on a pattern made by Lucy from Attic 24, and I decided to only use yarn from my stash in white, pink and purple shades.

Yesterday evening I crocheted the top 8 rows...

...whilst my youngest furbaby did a necessary blankety quality control for cosiness and wrapability lol!

Hope your Friday included lots of crafty activities!



  1. Gorgeous colours in your blanket and lovely pic of your furbaby.

  2. A great array of colors, Annie.

  3. Lovely blanket so far. I think when you finish it your little puppy will steal for his own :)

  4. Love your blanket, very pretty colours. Every blanket needs a fur baby doesn't it! Puppy looks so sweet wrapped up!
    Barbara xx