Thursday, 18 February 2016

FlashinScissors' Friday Frolics (3)

Hello everyone,

Barbara of The Flashing Scissors here again!

I remember a blogging friend recently asking how we mark our patterns to keep our place whilst stitching, but I'm sorry I can't remember who that was!

This reminded me that some years ago CrossStitcher magazine had a most useful giveaway of a few magnets and a magnetic board.

Magnetic Board

For anyone who hasn't seen this before, the idea is that you place the magnetic board behind the pattern and then surround the area you are stitching with magnets.

Maybe this is how most people keep their place?

I thought this might help me stitch more than previous weeks! It didn't happen like that though, as I suddenly started getting ideas for my Valentine's blog post, although I did at least finish stitching TT's head.

TT pattern

TT Week 2
Last week.

TT - current week
This week!
I'm just hoping my board and magnets will help me stitch more next week!

Travel stitching: CrossStitcher free gift - vase of tulips.

I am still attempting to stitch the following from the kit's photograph, as I don't have the pattern.

We had another train journey this week and I managed to stitch some more.

Week 2 - Tulips
Last week's stitching!

Current week - Tulips
This week.

Starting to take shape!

Happy stitching tomorrow night folks!

Barbara xx


Ariadne said...

I have a similar frame and magnets I had bought years ago. I have really used it so much. When I have a bigger pattern I put it on my son's old metal violin stand that he doesn't use anymore and use the magnets to keep my place!AriadnefromGreece!

cucki said...

Love your stitching x

Kaisievic said...

Yes, I use the board and magnets, too - so useful! Sweet stitching.

Brigitte said...

Two nice projects, Barbara.
I have never seen such a magnetic board but have heard about it often. Many people seem to use it.