Thursday, 25 February 2016

my last month or so of FFF

I have a grand daughter coming soon so her blanket needed to be made! Her Mother my daughter Danielle picked the colors. With carpal tunnel in both wrist it has been a painful project. I very happy with it and very glad it is finished! This Fri I hope to do some cross stitch. Need to get caught up on Christmas Ornies!!


  1. Sorry to hear you have Carpal Tunnel in both wrists, that must make life very difficult for you, Carm!

    Your crochet blanket is gorgeous! Your granddaughter will look adorable snuggled up in it!

    Barbara xx

  2. What a beautiful blanket for your grandbaby :)

    I hope your wrists are feeling better.

  3. Thanks. They are better. I have to limit my crocheting and knitting in the future to short times! Doing hair & nails for over 50 yrs and many types of needlework for longer than that have taken a toll on my wrists and thumb joints. I'm just happy I can still do my work and stitching etc!

  4. This is such a lovely blanket for your future grandchild.

  5. What a beautiful blanket - the colours are so pretty:)