Thursday, 25 February 2016

FlashinScissors' FF(4)

Hello everyone,

Late again, I'm forever trying to catch up on my blogging! How does that happen! And no, don't tell me, I do know really!

Not much progress to show, but if I hadn't started blogging, and hadn't joined "Friday Night Frolics", Tatty Teddy (TT) would probably still be languishing in the "dreaded cupboard"!

This is how he was last time you saw him:
Tatty Teddy - week 3
 Week 3!
And here he is after last Friday's stitching:
Tatty Teddy - week 4
Week 4
For some reason my camera wouldn't take a close up picture this week, but if you enlarge the picture you will be able to see I have continued the back stitch down his left side, and around his leg socket.

I found it very tricky following the pattern, and adding the stitches, but the board and magnets I mentioned last time have helped me to stitch quicker this week ...... it was just that time was against me!

Well, I'm hoping to try and finish TT tomorrow, what will you be stitching?

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has stitched this Friday! Have fun!

Barbara xx


Rachel said...

Your little teddy keeps getting cuter!!!

Hmm.....I'll be working on my compass pattern. Hopefully I can finish it this week :)

Good luck with your stitching :)

cucki said...

Aww cute teddy xx

Brigitte said...

This little guy is definitely seeing some progress since you joined the Friday Frolics.