Friday, 11 September 2015

A very old Blackbird!

Right day and right place.......!  Not a lot done but decided to haul out and to blow the dust off a very old Blackbird piece.......I was trying to see when I last stitched on it......I know there's a photograph taken in among boxes when the movers were packing us up in January 2011 to move the furniture back to, time to work on it again, do you think?

I chose this one also as to be honest, I am a wee bit bored with's lovely design but should have been finished long since!

So two not terribly good photographs....


Really all I have done is one flower on the right and carried on joining up the "square" and God willing, it will meet!  But it's a start!  I am a bit undecided whether to keep going over the weekend.  I think I will and post another progress picture on Sunday evening.

Night night, a very early start this morning, I'm shattered.......


  1. Great FF piece to stitch on, Gillie. Just remember, every stitch is a stitch closer to being finished!

  2. This is a lovely piece! I'm like you Gille, I can't decide whether or not to put this week's frolic away or continue working on it!

  3. Well done.... if you do this every FF it will soon be finished :o)
    Hugs xx

  4. Oh Gillie, this is such a lovely piece. Maybe you get motivated to finish it soon.