Saturday, 23 April 2016

Madonna and child....

For FF this Friday, I went back to the Hat Boxes, you can read all about The Tale of Three Hat boxes (aka The Shame of Kaye) by following the link,  and pulled out Madonna and child to work on.

As I found her, abandoned for twenty years!

Some progress, she is quite tricky as there is a lot of gradation of colour of the blues.

Hopefully, she will be finished for Christmas 2016.

Of course, she reminded me of this Beatle's song.

I hope that your frolicking was fruitful.

hugs, Kaye


Carm said...

Love it Kaye! You can do it. Isn't it amazing how we can tuck things away for yrs!

Brigitte said...

No doubt, she will be done before Christmas. She is just too beautiful to leave her unfinished in the hat box again, lol.

Mini said...

So happy that you are trying to finish the treasures found in the hat boxes.

FlashinScissors said...

She's lovely Kaye! I'm sure you will have her finished soon! Such a pretty pattern. Oh, Lady Madonna, that takes me back, lovely to hear it again!
Barbara xx