Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Tale of Three Hatboxes .....

or The Shame of Kaye......

This week for Friday Frolics and FNSI, I thought that I should investigate my three hatboxes - I knew that I had some crafty projects in them but what they actually were, was anyone's guess!

These hatboxes sit as a stack at the top of the spiral staircase which leads to my bedroom.  I think that I have had them somewhere between 25 and 30 years - in the mid-80s these were all the rage as decorating items.
Of course, where they sit means that I pass them by several times a day but do I ever look in them?  No, not really, not until yesterday, that is.

So, do you want to see what I found?

I am sure that you do, as it was a treasure trove of UFOs - to my great shame (and delight, too).

So, the top Hatbox....

contained Flying Geese quilt blocks...

Oh, my goodness - looks at these gorgeous flying geese blocks for a quilt I was making many moons ago - there are quite a few of them, I actually think I have made all of the blocks - I just need to sew the sashing, put it all together and then I would have a quilt top!  
Okay, another project for my semi-retirment.

The Middle Hatbox.....

Hmm! Some patchwork fabbie but what is hiding underneath it?  Oh no, another half completed quilt top!

Oh, my goodness, I can see lots of patchwork and quilting happening for me in the near future!

Bottom Hatbox......
This is the largest hatbox and had the biggest amount of bounty UFOs.

Oooh, Goodie, the patterns for the two quilts above - phew!

But below these patterns is a wealth of UFOs!
(unfortunately some of them seem to have their patterns missing - probably carefully stored hiding someplace special)


(no pattern)

(no pattern)


(no pattern)

(no pattern and I have absolutely no idea what this could be!)

(no pattern)

This is all finished - just needs to be made into a pillow.

Here it is all ironed - it is so pretty - why on earth did I not finish it at the time?

 But the piece de resistance is this unfinished bell pull, which shows significant places in Denmark (now, the coincidence if this is that only the other day I recorded a movie on Foxtel to watch later, "A Royal affair", which was about the Danish royal family in the 1770s - so naturally I stitched on the bell pull whilst watching the film yesterday).


... so some progress has been made ...

I will keep stitching on it tomorrow as well and report back after IHSW.

So, that is my Tale of the Three Hatboxes or The Shame of Kaye but whichever title, lots of Friday Frolics projects for me to work on in the upcoming weeks.

So, that is all from me for now,

hugs, Kaye


diamondc said...

Kaye: oh my gosh, what a wonderful find, the quilts are wonderful, love all the cross stitch, the pattern for the Madonna and Child can be found free on the Told In A Garden website.
I r4ecognize the strawberries I just need to think a while, if I remember it I will email you.


Carm said...

Very happy to know I'm not the only one with UFO's that old or older, LOL! Love all of them. But, strawberries have a special pull on me

Stitching Noni said...

So good to know that I am not the only one who puts things away and forgets about them!!
These WIP's will keep you going for awhile! :o)