Friday, 8 April 2016

Now I know Why

I started working on the Christmas stocking I found for $1 today They were off on the count for the last two reindeer. Do I fudge it or frog it? Suggestions are needed as to which way I should go. I started on the harness on the last two and realized the stitch count was off. This a picture of the way it looked before I started.


  1. Big decision, Carm! Maybe frog it?

  2. They had bought tons of floss and it came with the stocking. So, I leaning towards frogging it!

    1. Well, if there is plenty of floss and you think it is going to worry at you, definitely frog it.

  3. Will you be happy if you don't change it? I'd guess you won't be. After all it has still saved you a lot of stitching,

    Barbara xx

  4. I usually frog when I have enough threads.

  5. I knew I couldn't stand the mistakes staying so out they went. Luck for me that she had plenty of floss for the project! I don't mind a stitch or two but not half an animal or motif.