Sunday, 17 April 2016

WIP #11

Hello friends,

I had a new idea how I could stitch on a different WIP each Friday - I was doing the random number thing. I saw that on someone's blog and thought this could work for me as well. I gave all my WIPs and UFOs a number - and this time the random number thing chose 11 for me. That was perfect - a WIP I worked on last in May 2015. So it was fun to get it out and stitch it again. It's Amish Spring by Diane Phalen and when I left it a year ago it looked like that

I have been stitching on it since Friday evening and here is my progress

I filled in the lower corner on the left hand side. And I think I am going to add some more grass and flowers during the next days. There will be more tulips to come.

I hope you all were having as much fun with your projects as I was.



  1. Brigitte, I would have to say that your new system of selection worked beautifully - great progress on such a pretty design.

  2. That's a lovely piece, I would say work more on it , it will be perfect!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. You are doing an amazing job with this piece...

  4. I'm glad you picked this project. Its so beautiful.